• #WalkingTheLAwash

    #WalkingTheLAwash I invite you to listen to the voices of Anastasia and Mark.  Their words and my photos will give you a first look into my journey down the LA River. These first two chapters, which are still in progress, have taken me deep into the lives of others.  I’ve […]

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  • #ProjectMiBarrio

    Ivan documents his rapidly changing barrio with his phone

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  • To the Tip

      Join Karla and Ivan on their journey through South America from the Equator to the Land of Fire.

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  • Chief Surui

      Meet Chief Almir and take a look at how he plans to save the Brazilian rainforest.

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  • Tungurahua

      Inside the volcano that continuously threatens Ecuador.

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  • Bolivian Navy

      A closer look at a navy without an ocean.

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