• Wealthy Roma

    Richly adorned multi-storey mansions with elaborate turrets, balconies, pillars and adornments from across the history of architecture are not the first thing that springs to mind when one thinks of Roma, or Gypsies as they are disparagingly known across Europe. Yet in Buzescu, a small town of 5,000 inhabitant 50 […]

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  • Fiestas of the Andes

    Got Soup? “Eat the soup”, Karla said to me in English. “But…”, I started. “Eat it.” Two bowls of Fanesca, a traditional Ecuadorian dish, had been neatly placed on stools in the middle of the dirt floor.  We were in the heart of indigenous territory.   Nestled in the peaks of […]

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  • Goddesses of the Ring

    Las Cholitas Carmen Rosa worked in a restaurant where she sold traditional food high in the Bolivian Andes. Like most Aymara Cholitas, she wore large colorful dresses and bowler hats slightly tipped to one side. Unlike most Cholitas, Carmen leaped from ropes and tackled big sweaty men. She had become […]

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  • Mama Tungurahua

    Palictahua, 12:33 am “We could have never imagined anything like it”, Olger Guamán said to me when we were in the refuge. He described how the rocks fell like rain as the roofs of their houses collapsed. The noise was so intense that he did not realize what was coming […]

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  • Portraits of Guaranda

    Taita Carnaval The Gringo The handsome Techno-Cumbia star took the Ñusta, an indigenous beauty queen, by the hand. “Are you single”, he screamed into the microphone, holding her hand up in the air. “Yes, I’m single, and looking for a man”, she yelled out to the thousands of people below. […]

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